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What is empowerment?


And how does it happen?

The answer may be different for everyone, but ultimately it depends on the individual feeling strong, comfortable and able to handle what life throws at them with ease.

It turns out the more unconventional you are, the harder that can feel.

Creating female-led work with an emphasis on women who don't fit the standard mould is more important than ever in these changing times.

We provide workshops and events that empower women (and those that empower women) to stand strong and confident in their craft with a focus on Women Of Colour and LGBTQ Women.

We focus on three key areas:
   Personal Power
 Mind/Body Connection

We believe in dance, singing, text work and the unity of the ensemble, as a pedagogy with strong and undeniable effects on the body and the mind. The result of using these as tools to liberate our inner power is a deeper understanding of self and an ability to thrive and lead from a place of personal power and truth.

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