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My name is Ariane Barnes.


I'm a performer and teacher of Advanced Performance and Yoga- Psychology.


I'm passionate about helping women stand tall and strong in their chosen field through the use of performance, psychology and diversity as a pedagogy for leadership.


WWLM™ was born out of the need to bring different women from different walks of life together, to benefit from expert coaching in the performance and wellness areas and enhance their experience of belonging, purpose and wellbeing in life.


At its core, the program focuses on developing and nurturing each woman's unique gifts and helping her breakthrough any behaviour that no longer serves in her life with an enhanced focus on body-mind connection and self-mastery.


True to our values as a company, we only use qualified, experienced, BIPOC & LGBTQ practitioners.


It's a direct pathway to kickstarting and maintaining diversity & equity in the workplace and holding space for everyone, making it an inclusive and transformative experience for all involved.


I can't wait to see the results- because you will make breakthroughs!

Ariane  x

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What makes us special ?

Warrior Women Like Me is an innovative, fun, fusion of world dance, improvisation, yoga psychology and coaching to bring you unique physical & emotional resilience skills all in one jam packed day or weekend.


It is run by women for women, whilst uplifting the skills and talents of experienced, trauma informed, heart-centered, community leaders.

With Ariane as your lead tutor, you will be invited to simultaneously look inwards and  work through the body-mind connection to access new skills using a variety of professional performance and embodied coaching tools.

OH... and did we mention live music from some of the performance worlds top musicians ?!

Sound good ?

Keep going !

Here's the unique blend of skills you will have access to...

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Live music with professional musicians *

Dance, Song, Group Pedagogy & Team Bonding

Yoga-psychology tools 4 Body-mind connection

Group facilitation & coaching around communication

Gateways to access your unique gifts

Empowering resilience & Self care excercises

A diverse teaching team of artists and specialist teachers

Trauma-informed space

Multi-disciplinary, international arts focused activities

Choose your focus :



  • Internal events & retreats for companies / teams across 1 or 2 days.

  • Blocks of classes and coaching for your business focused on your immediate needs as a team including :


      - Expression & Leadership

      - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

      - Radical Transformation & Self-care

  • Bespoke team building days.



  • Public facing events & retreats for Companies across 1 or 2 days.

  • We work with you on a theme to focus on your exsisting audiences and our common ground

  • We bring you a power-house team of WOC artist-teachers according to whom you want to reach and what you want to achieve .

Considering getting in touch ? 

Here are some things you might want to know...

We pride ourselves in embodying social justice, decolonisation & creating active change.

Here's some information to help you understand what that means in practice:

We prioritise long term relationships​

Most of our artists work freelance and we rotate our practitioners regularly to promote access & equity in our ranks and keep our content fresh - when you commit to working with us over a longer period of time, we consider this an investment for everyone involved and automatically prioritise your wish to work with us. This also means we don't do any work that involves less than half a day's delivery.


We incorporate anti-racist training and anti-discrimination ethics into our class material


As an all WOC &/or LGBTQ team, we know what it's like to walk through the world and feel different and we are committed to making this journey easier for our community. We work in a trauma- informed capacity and all of our instructors embody our values of Truth, Compassion, Communication and Education. Our client relationships uphold and sustain these values. 

This also ensures we can provide and hold safe space to the best of our ability at any given time.

We work collaboratively

We put a great deal of effort into making our experiences inclusive and responsive to your needs, to this end we get on really well with people that make it easy for us to get our message out there, making the transition from passive to active support. Working with us in an organised and collaborative way, means you actively promote equity and visibility for WOC in a way that works for everyone !


What Our Women have to say...

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