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A powerful and supportive community dance, song and storytelling empowerment taster day in the lead up to our 5 week creative empowerment course - run for women by women led by award-winning, artist-teacher Ariane Barnes , Founder of Different Women.

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(Taster Day )- London - April 29th

What makes this day special ?


Ever wondered where Ariane got the inspiration for Warrior Women Like ME?

You may have heard of the Jamaican Maroons but have you heard of the Maroons of Mauritius? Mauritian maroons were the largest group of emancipated freedom fighters in the Indian Ocean and were symbols of cultural diversity and team work against oppression- so it’s no surprise the warrior spirit is strong in Mauritian people!


Now, we’re bringing this unique and multi-racial culture that is rarely spoken about to you through performance and education in a thrilling and fun format from someone who has made it their life's work.

We are offering a holistic space that will introduce you to a vibrant style that combines and integrates fierceness and flow into your everyday life through Afro-Mauritian dance, yoga, song and creative coaching.


This will be a taster day of renewal, wellness, discovery, cross-cultural bonding and self-development run by Different Women. For those who wish for a place to develop and be nurtured more regularly - we will follow this up with a 5 week in person course. (Online options will be made available if there is demand.)

What does it mean to be a warrior?


And how does this affect your creativity?

What if it didn’t mean being perfect, strong and tough...

What if it meant being committed, vulnerable and wise.

That can be hard to achieve in a world that focuses on perfection.

Join our 5 week course to re-awaken the creative warrior within. 


We invite you to learn, share, breathe, sing and dance together in a space that welcomes you- flaws and all and nurtures your unique gifts through professional performance and facilitation.

Dates: May 11th- June 8th

Thursdays From 19.30 PM

Class duration: 1hr 30min

If you would like the full 5 week-outline of the course or to have a chat with us to find out if it's right for you  please email us here-  more info on booking page below.

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