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Different Women delight in working with several freelance artists who we believe bring fresh new perspectives to our events and workshops. We deliberately vary these practitioners so that our network is full of amazing women with different skill sets, these include actors, dancers, musicians, videographers and photographers.


Some of these artists include: 

Shobu Kapoor, Cherelle Skeete, Mei Mac, Gaelle Lecornec, Komal Amin, Alia Pathan, Danni Surname, Emma Nathan & Khadijatou Doyneh.

 Our Different  Women

Ariane Barnes

Ariane is the founder of Different Women.

She has worked internationally in several languages as an actor-singer, comedian and writer and is an engaging public speaker. She is the Diversity & Inclusion lead for South & South East Equity UK.

An active member of the LGBTQ Community, her work as an artist is transmedia and includes a career spanning over 15 years as a performer and qualified teacher.

She specializes in confidence building, empowerment and person-centered development at FE/HE Level & Continual Development Practice. Ariane has a passion for all things female-led in performance and education.

Principal Advisor
Fiona Whitelaw

Fiona is an actress, writer, film-maker, and chair of the Equity South/South-East Branch. 


She has specialised in work with disabilities and worked extensively with the British Signing community to produce a series of works with deaf and disabled actors.


She is a fervent ally of all work towards the empowerment of the WOC, LGBTQ+ and Deaf & Disabled communities and also sits on Act For Change.