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 Our Different  Women

Different Women delight in working with several freelance artists who we believe bring fresh new perspectives to our events and workshops. We deliberately vary these practitioners so that our network is full of amazing women with different skill sets, these include actors, dancers, musicians, holistic healers, videographers and photographers.


Some of these artists include: 

Actor/Activists: Cherelle Skeete, Mei Mac, Gaelle Lecornec, Shobu Kapoor.


Percussion: Rosie Bergonzi,  Khadijatou Doyneh.

Capoeira: Dayana Lopera Cruz & Nivey Nocher.

Holistic Healers:  Natalie Turner Jones, Emma Nathan.

Combat: Yarit Dor/Intimacy Directors International UK

Photography: Emma Nathan, Alessandra Davison &  Danni Surname.

Videography: Alia Pathan (NXPanther), Chryssanthi Kouri, Komal Amin.

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