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A 5 week program designed to boost your inner leadership qualities and teach you how to speak truth to power with ease through professional voice-work, play, psychology and embodied improvisation techniques.


Compassionate Communication


  • Practice how to respond in situations that feel risky with confidence, grace and authenticity.

  • Understand how to speak up for yourself clearly without hiding your true feelings.

  • Feel the satisfaction and pride of nurturing and honouring your own process; fully and boldly, committing to your truth without compromising your values.





Leadership Skills


  • Develop skills to work through communication during conflict as a community leader.

  • Deepen your understanding of your genius zone and unique gifts- so you can spend more time focusing on what you love.

  • Begin to get to grips with White Culture Supremacy and understand why it may be holding you back !



Embodied Empowerment Techniques


  • Develop physical and emotional skills rooted in neuroscience 2 feel confident in your professional + personal life.

  • Feel what ‘empowered’ truly means in YOUR BONES , learn how to replicate those feeling states and use them to fuel your growth and vision.

  •  Experience the joy that comes with feeling a sense of total mind, body and spirit integration using performance, yoga & psychology tools to get clear on what you need right now !


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